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Steven Wheeler, Deputy Sheriff,
Carrollton, GA

Every day numbers of trees disappear from the face of the earth.  When there are other ways of generating paper products, trees are still being used largely.  It's high time now, that we stop this mean destruction, before we forget the color green...

  • The world average paper consumption per person is an estimated 123 pounds of paper each year.
  • Approximately 28% of this average paper consumption is used in printing documents.
  • In the future paper consumption is still estimated to grow more than 2% annually.
  • Considering the U.S. paper industry emitted around 17.2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide to product 83 million tons, we can infer that the would paper industry emits over 74 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year.
  • A Green PDF is a PDF that is circulated electronically and not printed. 
  • It takes only 173 reams of paper not printed of Green PDF's to save a tree and lessen atmospheric carbon dioxide levels by more than 2 metric tons.
  • Through the process of photosynthesis, trees remove 100 to 120 billion tons of carbon each year.
  • Trees help to remove carbon dioxide from man-made sources (i.e. automobiles, manufacturing, airplanes, etc.)
  • Each tree used in making paper removes about one metric ton of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year.
  • When a tree is cut down, the Earth loses a "carbon sink."
  • Each tree on average produces 173 reams of paper.  Therefore, each ream of paper is then equal to roughly 12 pounds of carbon dioxide not removed from the atmosphere.

An easier way to cut down the use of paper is to emphasize on the use of soft copies of the information and data rather than the hard (printed) form.  With almost each and every sector of the world being computerized and connected rough the Internet, all forms of organizations should give stress on using the soft data thereby avoiding the use of printed matter.

We are going to begin to support the Green initiative.  We will be helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by cutting back world wild office paper consumption.  Through your support and efforts we can help save countless trees each year.  It takes only a second to waste a beautiful sheet of paper but decades for a tree to grown.

The Law Enforcement Times is proud to be Green.

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